Swag girls ? NO !

My opinion is that most of people can’t dress themselves and I insist on it, but momentarily I think that boys are interested in fashion more than girls, which was reversed in the past and nowadays it is really difficult to meet a girl who is pretty and also well-dressed. 

The girls probably decided that the best thing they can do is to dress like boys, listen to the same music and be IN whatever it worth.
That’s why you can meet different types of girls in Prague and I’ll write some of them here:

1) Maybe I’ll pick up a footballer
The ugliest model of Air Max, but they’re Air Max. The loosest tracksuit I can find and over it a long T-shirt with a big printing (Superman, I love London, Twerk It). On my back I’ll put a backpack as colourful as possible, in which I’ll carry 18 combs, a small mirror, 66 kilograms of make-up and money from my mum which I’ll spend on booze and a new Bravo magazine, in which I can find an advice how to pick up a boy who dresses up like me.

Of course if the weather is hot I won’t take the tracksuit, but I’ll put my knee socks on my 100 kilogram thighs and I’ll go to throw smiles on boys in a shopping centre. 

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2) We are “gang”
We are eight and we all look almost the same. We wear the cheapest and the ugliest Jordans you can find, followed by shorts from which crop out our butts, which are bloated from all day long sitting in a McDonald’s. We can’t forget our knee socks. Our T-shirts are mostly with tough printings to scare other girls. And on our heads are only snapbacks. Mostly Bulls because it’s cool even though we don’t know whether they play football or tennis. 

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