Pastel colours – ENG

Outfit details:
T-Shirt: SikSilk
Shorts: Illusive London
Shoes: Nike Air Presto

The forecast for upcoming days is terrible. I hate when outside is above 20 degrees, but it seems that the  temperatures will be around 30 degrees. Positive thing about it is that it gave me an impuls to write this article in which I wanted to show you what to wear in such hot days. Of course the less the better, however the most important are materials.

First piece I am wearing is a baseball jersey type t-shirt with simple summer design from Woodmint by Siksilk. That jersey material doesn’t have to be comfortable for everybody if you are used to wearing classic cotton t-shirts. However the biggest adventage of this t-shirt is its thinness so you don´t even feel you have something on. Plus thanks tothe zipper you can ventilate :D.

I could’ve choosen shorts from the same material, but I suppose that it wouldn’t be an ideal combo. Instead I decided to lean toward wearing white jeans shorts which are actually not as thin as a baseball jersey, however are very comfortable and ripped which is a detail I very much appreciate this summer.

With white shorts, I have also choosen white shoes, precisely Nike Air Presto from Footshop. White shoes are little bit of a risk because it’s so easy to make them dirty, but when to wear them better than in these sunny days? In the summertime it rains quite often, but if you watched my Instastory a few days ago, you should know how to solve the problem when it starts to rain and you are wearing white shoes you so desparately want to keep clean.

You can find more photos on my Instagram.

All photos are taken by Pavel Zaoral.

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